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to fix our streets, roads, and protect us, but they don't need to protect people from their jobs. >> three cheers for her. you at home who understand it's freedom, not central planning that gives us better lives, that's our show. thanks for watching, i'm john stossel. ♪ >>. >> heather: i'm heather childers and welcome to a brand-new hour. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. could there be a compromise on the horizon to keep the country from falling off the so-called fiscal cliff. who has the most, should
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gridlock prevail. >> heather: daring rescue mission in afghanistan to save an american citizen. we have the incredible story. >> gregg: a court appearance for an n.f.l. star accused of driving intoxicated and killing a teammate. we're live in texas. >> heather: we begin with the countdown to a potential economic disaster. the edge of the fiscal cliff looming larger as the clock ticks toward the deadline on january 1st. negotiators are trying to hammer out a deal over tax hikes and spending cuts searching for common ground. amid all the back and forth there are signing of a compromise. steve centanni is live in washington. are the two sides any closer together? >> reporter: there are two important signs today. speaker, house speaker john boehner met with president obama at the. we don't know how long they met or exactly what they talked about, but the white house says lines of communication are open
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and face-to-face meeting is on important. at the same time republicans say they will accept the demands for higher taxes on the wealthy if it goes along with spending cuts entitlements like medicare and social security. listen.... >> a lot of people are putting forth a theory. i think it has merit where you give the president 2% increase he is talking about on the top 2 percent. i am beginning to believe that is the best route for us to take. >> reporter: many other republicans, of course, standing firm against any tax increase. they could give the speaker a hard time if he tries to pass the kind of legislation corker was talking about there. >> and how are the democrats reacting to accept the higher tax rates? >> reporter: they are happy to see movement was made toward the president's position but speaker boehner has not embraced the it.
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it could be what they talked bebeat the white house but we don't know but still, democrats are optimistic. >> i think we'll get an agreement. the reason i think we'll get an agreement, what is standing in the way is revenues, particularly making that top rating up to 39.6, but i think we're seeing real progress in that regard. i think you will see our republican colleagues reluctantly say, okay let's go up to 39.6. >> reporter: i should mention it wasn't just bob corker but tennessee senator tom cole in going along the president's plan of raising the tax rates on wealthy yes, sir americans. >> there are growing calls for action nearly two years since president obama signed a 9/11 compensation act. it set aside $3 billion for
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people that got sick or injured during the ground zero attacks. to date, ground zero workers have not received a dime. $875 million was to be distributed in the first five years and the rest in 2016. >> heather: a big blow to al-qaeda after second in command is killed in a drone strike. pakistani intelligence officials said he was killed in pakistan's tribal region last week. he had appeared in videos released and was presented as a religious scholar for the group. officials say that he was promoted to second in command earlier this year. >> gregg: a daring rescue of an american doctor who was abducted by the taliban in afghanistan. u.s. and afghan forces working together in the pre-dawn raid launching the critical mission as soon as intelligence showed the doctor was in grave danger.
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peter doocy reporting from washington. >> taliban insurgents held the doctor captive in the mountains of afghanistan 50 miles from the pakistan border for more than three days. dr. joseph was kidnapped in broad day on wednesday 3:00 in the afternoon following a visit to rural clinic in eastern kabul province where he worked for a nonprofit called morning star development. two other captives were also taken before the rescue which general john allen says he ordered when intelligence showed dr. joseph was in imminent danger of injury or death. it shows our unwavering commitment to defeat the taliban. i'm proud the forces that conducted this operation. thanks to them dr. joseph will soon be rejoining his family and
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loved ones. he should be back home in colorado springs in the next few days. he was taken to bagram airfield and undergoing evaluation today. he made frequent trips to afghanistan and the doctor described his goals there in a video posted last year. >> we're really hoping we can instill hope into a country that has been dealing with conflict over the last 30 years. >> at least six insurgents were reportedly killed during the operation that saved dr. joseph's life. it also netted two arrests of taliban leaders. >> gregg: peter, thanks. >> heather: tensions rightsing in egypt after president morsi withdraws part of a controversial decree but refuses referendum on new constitution and triggering new protests across cairo the live images you are looking at here near the
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presidential palace. earlier in the day, thousands of people taking to the streets to demand the fall of the regime. president saying that the referendum is necessary to complete the transition to democracy. >> gregg: syrian rebels linked to al-qaeda iraq capturing an army post in the north. to force loyal to the north on the outskirts of damascus. the fighting in syria spilling over into neighboring lebanon. supporters and opponents of assad exchanging fire there. four people have been kill and a dozen wounded. on violent end to a standoff at a fast-food restaurant. sacramento police and swatted teams surrounding this jack-in-the-box yesterday. investigators say that a suspect held two female hostages inside for at least three hours. one of the women reportedly escaped on her own and according to reports, officers determined
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that the remaining hostage was in immediate danger. so police opened fire wounding the suspect. remaining hostage was unhurt. the suspect later died at the hospital. >> gregg: new reaction to that deadly crash involving a dallas cowboys player. josh brent now facing up to 20 years behind bars for alleged drunk driving accident that killed his teammate. casey stegall is live in arlington, texas. >> reporter: today a judge set bail at josh brent at $500,000. his attorney is now saying that is too high. it is more than the cowboys authorized him to pay and he is petitioning to get that lowered. meantime, brent has been charged with intoxication manslaughter. police say he was driving drunk late friday night into early saturday morning. police report goes on to say he was driving at a high rate of speed. the wheel of his vehicle hit a
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curb causing it to flip and catch fire. this happened a few miles from cowboys stadium. officers on the scene says the cowboy nose tackle failed the field sobriety test but an attorney said road construction may be partially to blame. >> anybody knows how much construction is going on, it's hazardous, it's not well lit at night. i've done it. you don't see these things and it's changing, it's not as if on thursday night and friday night, it seems to change on a daily basis. >> reporter: 25-year-old jerry brown was in the passenger seated and died at an area hospital. he played bowl with the indianapolis colts before joining the practice squad for dallas cowboys. look at this, his jersey is laid out on the bench there. he and brent played together in
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college in illinois. meantime, josh brent releasing a statement through his agent from jail. it reads in part, i'm quoting here, i'm devastated and filled with grief for the loss of my close friend and teammate. josh brent was arrested in illinois for a d.u.i. back in 2009. he spent 30 days in jail and was released for probation last year. >> gregg: casey stegall live, thank you. >> heather: coming up. a new legal challenge for the man charged in the killing of teenager that i von martin. george zimmerman taking on nbc but is the lawsuit legit? >> gregg: venezuela's president dropping a bombshell. hugo chavez, why she asking his country to consider his successor. >> heather: new fallout from a
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. time for a check of the headlines, in washington state a bar is making the most of a new law legalizing marijuana.
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frankie's bar and grill encouraging customers to lighted up in a private area. >> for the eighth year in a row, mysterious donor in florida has dropped a gold coin into a salvation army kettle. the gold coin is worth $1700. in dallas hitting the road for a good cause. 20,000 runners to raise money for the scottish rights hospital for children. >> gregg: let's turn to the global economy. associated press reporting that china has surpassed the u.s. as the leading trade partner. this comes as china announces the inflation rate rose 2% one month alone. sign of an economy gaining strength. what does it mean? brenda buttner, anchor of "bulls and bears." i was reading this article where shoppers in beijing have seen
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the prices of vegetables double in one week alone. inflation is a problem over there. what is causing it? >> basically it's not a bad problem, it's growth. china has numbers we can only dream of, growth of about 8%, we're below 2%. their factory output was up 10%. retail sales, 15%. so it is basically growth driven not supply side driven which is the kind of inflation you want to see. it's only 2%, that is well below the target of 4% is. it came down from 6.7%. >> gregg: so it's an issue not really a problem and outweighed by the huge growth. how does the inflation american consumers if at all? >> we buy a lot from china. it may be that some of the input may be more expensive. we may have to pay more, but
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it's more that china is becoming really a hub of capitalism despite the fact it's run by a communist government. >> gregg: let's put graphics on the screen. china has now purchase sur passed as the leading trading partner in the world. 2006, u.s. was the largest, 127 countries, now look at it. 2011, china the largest trading partner with 124 countries, the u.s. 76. so they have reversed positions there. that is hurting american busy? >> it has to. you have to look at the future. traditionally china has made in china. you get these. they are going from exporting products such as that to selling services, to selling investments. maybe this they're going to be building bridges, roads. they are pairing up with other
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countries. they could very well go into markets that traditionally been dominated by the united states. >> gregg: high end products? >> exactly. >> gregg: their low labor costs produce products very cheaply. american businesses, are they now saying, wait a minute, i can really make more of a profit, less overhead if i ship my jobs to china. it's been a problem already? >> it has been a problem. yes it probably will. we're seeing more rural migration to the towns and stilts and that is limitless labor supply will there are no unions people have to deal with. unions here in the united states are still worried that they are going to lose go all the pension benefits they negotiated before but jobs are going over there because employers don't have to deal with what they have over here. >> gregg: how do we combat that.
1:19 pm
that is the real issue. tim cook is the new ceo of apple is shifting some chinese jobs of apple back to the united states, but he is doing it out of patriotism? >> i don't think he you would have seen that with steve jobs. >> gregg: he told president obama in the last meeting, those chinese jobs, they aren't coming back. >> he did it the way to be a good businessman. >> gregg: with rising trade influence, china will also have increasing political influence, as well? >> absolutely. >> gregg: brenda, good to see you. catch her on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> heather: this month, marks a special anniversary, the last time a man walked on the moon, 40 years ago. u.s. astronaut had that honor and neil cavuto angered a special on that.
1:20 pm
>> america -- anchored a special. >> you last human being to touch that surface. how does that make you feel? >> humble. >> we leave as we came and god willing as we should return. for all mankind. god speed to apollo 17. ♪ ♪ >> i'm convinced the space program will come back. the country needs to have something to look forward to, to look up to, to be proud of. what could we do, look how far we went in 70 years. my grandmother, had no electricity, an outhouse and she
1:21 pm
watched the first guy walk on the moon. >> i would like to see the next generation footprints on the moon. i hope that happens. >> heather: you can catch that entire documentary fox news reporting "fly me to the moon." it airs right here 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> an update on venezuelan president hugo chavez. why he is heading back to the hospital. >> heather: plus right to work legislation setting off a firestorm in michigan. now thousands of union members are gearing up for a second round of protests at the state capital. how will this battle end of.
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>>. >> heather: time for the top of the news, president obama met
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with john boehner to discuss efforts to resolve the fiscal cliff. they emphasize the lines of communication remain open. >> gregg: new fallout for the australian radio station behind that royal prank a call. they tricked a nurse into thinking they were the queen and king of england. now the radio station is ordering a review of the station's policies. a lot more in the next hour. venezuelan president hugo chavez announced that his cancer has returned. he is traveling back to cuba and he is announcing that vice president should take his place as successor. arthel nevil is following this. >> reporter: those treatments
1:27 pm
include what president chavez called a new surgical intervention, speaking to a national audience from the national palace he gave details about tests that indicated some malignant cells returned to the same areas where previous tumors had been removed. in his first reference to any possibility that if his health were to further deteriorate, he says his successor, the vice president would take over for him until his new presidential term begins in january. if chavez cannot attend his inauguration the president of the national assembly and new election would have to be called in 30 days of that happening. some analysts say his choice is not a shoo-in. >> what you need to consider here the opposition is strong position in venezuela.
1:28 pm
they did exactly well in the october elections. they are in a prime position to exploited the crisis in the regime. i don't think maduro is a shoo-in necessarily. >> he added if he were to be elected president of venezuela he would be as every bit as bad as u.s. ever since chavez took over venezuela his country as taken on a steady anti-american tone. he developed friendships with some of the world's worst dictators. no now, at least publicly chavez appears to be up for the continuing battling with cancer telling his people, quote, with god's will we will come out of this victorious. i have faith in that. that is a quote from chavez. >> gregg: arthel nevil, thanks. >> heather: as we mentioned we have just learned that president obama and house speaker john boehner met today at the white house to talk about ways to
1:29 pm
resolve the fiscal cliff. meanwhile, we have brand-new reaction from lawmakers from both sides of the aisle speaking out today with just weeks left to reach a deal and little reported progress. the fight appears to be moving towards spending cuts and more and more republicans seem to open to the call to raise taxes on the wealthy. >> there is a growing group of folks that are looking at this and realizing we don't have a lot of cards as it relates to the tax issue. we 6 one house and that is it. a lot of people are putting forth a theory and i think it has merit where i go ahead and give the president the 2%, one speaker calls for an increase in revenues to 39.6 and the other things that the president hats called for. we have done trillion in cuts but we realize there will have
1:30 pm
to be other cuts and serious negotiations about that. we will have different views. my view and senator corker's views are different but we will have to find spending cuts. >> heather: brad blakeman is assistant to george w. bush and joe seos peculiar is a former congressman. i want to go to the meeting between obama and boehner, what do you think the significance is and what do you think happened. congressman secretary peculiar i will begin with you? >> i believe -- congressman sespek we'll begin with. >> you we know we need $3 trillion in addition to the $1 trillion you just listed. we know that we have to have about $1.4 trillion.
1:31 pm
more boehner has proposed that in tax reform. it kind of looks like that raising taxes on the wealthy. that means the president which has laid down a substantive plan has to address spending cuts. we need about two dollars in spending cuts for every dollar in tax increases and it has to include entitlement reform. he has talked about different index inflation for social security and raising the age of medicare. that is the grand bargain that we need to do so we stop the negotiation and come to the principle compromise so we have a sustainable debt to g.d.p. ratio so our economy grows. that is what the compromise should the have to do and tax reform and entitlements and raising marginal tax rates. >> heather: do you think compromise is in progress in
1:32 pm
terms of the meeting today? >> any time the parties are talking face to face and not picking up the phone and having short conversations is a good thing. occasionally a deal gets done. we've been down this road before. boehner thought he had a deal with the president and president thought he could deliver on it and lo and behold the democrats caved in and president didn't have the authority to make the promises he did. it takes three to tango in washington. house, senate and president. it's nice to meet with the speaker of the house, but where does the senate weigh in? that is the next hurdle we have to jump over. if we have the house locked in and boehner can deliver the votes, we have to go to the senate and president has to bless the deal because he is going to be the ultimate one that will sign the bill. there is a lot of work yet to be done. >> heather: speaking of the senate, let's go back to what senator corker was saying. should republicans cave in on the rate increase and would that
1:33 pm
allow the president to negotiate more on entitlement cuts? >> there is a lot of ways republicans have said this, there are ways to raise revenues. loop homes are important and it would give the ability to raise the kind of revenues we need in addition, if you lower the rates you will get more paid in through volume. already the top 6% pay the majority of taxes for everybody else. it becomes a negotiation point as to what the definition of rich is. where does it start and how much it is going to be. republicans have signaled we are willing to talk about revenues but democrats as a congressman pointed out correctly, must talk not only about spending cuts but entitlements. >> heather: congressman sestak, what spending cuts should be on the table? >> in addition to the $1 trillion already in discretionary spending cuts that have been agreed to because of
1:34 pm
the caps, we need everyone including defend part of the sacrifice. it's 60% of our budget. babyboomers beginning to retire and it's going to grow. but slight modifications we can put that on more firm ground for social security. but compromise with speaker boehner, over the past 50 years if you look at all taxes, state as well as federal, you know that the top 1% decrease tax rate of 40%. the other 99%, their tax rates when you include everything has stayed absolutely flat the reason you want the marginal tax rate at the beginning of the fiscal cliff because they can most afford it. we can't have $127 billion of tax increases and spending cuts just a little bit from those that can most afford it.
1:35 pm
>> heather: thank you so much for joining us. we'll see what happens. >> gregg: george zimmerman files a lawsuit against nbc accusing the network of editing the 911 call before the death of trayvon martin. >> heather: a little girl waits her turn to meet santa but little did she know one of her christmas wishes would be granted on the spot. daddy? the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her likes 50% more cash. but i'm upping my game. do you want a candy cane? yes! do you want the puppy? yes! do you want a tricycle? yes! do you want 50 percent more cash? no! ♪ festive. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back
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i've been a superintendentle for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter. >>. >> heather: welcome back. christmas came early for one little girl who got a huge surprise while visiting santa at wisconsin county fair. >> what did you want for christmas? >> my daddy to come home.
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>> he is in afghanistan. >> daddy? who is that. >> the five-year-old getting an even bigger surprise, reuniting with her soldier dad after a year. he just wrapped up his second tour of duty, rising home three days ahead of schedule. great story. >> gregg: that really hits you there. wow, what a great story. all right, let's talk about occupy wall street story. it started out as a simple disorderly conduct case. then all of a sudden a major legal fight over privacy and twitter, occupy wall street protestor was arrested in october of last year, he was marching on the brooklyn bridge with a bunch of others. manhattan district attorney wants access to the defendants tweets to show that he and other protestors knew that occupying
1:41 pm
that bridge is illegal that would contradict his claims that demonstrators they thought they had permission to be on the bridge. joining us is former prosecutor doug burns and david schwartz. david, if the guy goes out under the social network public forum and makes a statement that showing she lying to police, there is no expectation of privacy? >> i don't think doug burns could argue as good as you are. there are obviously, when you use twitter, you are tweeting out into the public domain, there is no expectation of privacy and the information is material to the d.a.'s case. they have every right. i don't expect them to be able to quash it. >> gregg: he gave false statements to police. >> three separate categories, statement of the defendant, which is digs cover amp and to keep it simple if you treet
1:42 pm
tweet something to the world. >> gregg: it's like standing in the park yelling something. >> just quickly, the fact unless it's legally privileged. >> gregg: that would have to be pre-privilege and lawyer-client. we have dispensed of that. that was the easy one. this is the tougher one. let's turn to this legal case. george zimmerman is suing nbc alleging that the network defamed him when it edited the recording of his 911 call to police about the death of trayvon martin. they excuse the network of making zimmerman sound like a racist. here is the edited version. >> gregg: sounds like he is volunteering the issue of race
1:43 pm
here. listen to the unedited real conversation. >> gregg: all right, david let me start with you. let's put up on the screen, nbc's statement about the lawsuit. what they are essentially saying is, it was an honest mistake. it wasn't intentional just kind of a dumb error made by somebody trying to shorten up a soundbite but it ended up being wrong and inflammatory and racism. can zimmerman win? >> i don't think he can win in this case. there is a lot of obstacles. number one you have to prove the statement is false. the statement is not false, they take two different parts and leave out the middle but is the
1:44 pm
statement false. that needs to be litigated. i'm not so sure zimmerman can prove that. >> gregg: distinction without a difference. >> and this is public case and public figure, they have to show malice, not plain intelligence. that will be tough one. >> gregg: another kind of defamation that applies. >> there is. you don't have a traditional cause of action but the stiary is false, but you portraying him had a false light. also add into the mix, two of the people were fired. i'm not sure whether that is admissible but it could be. >> gregg: they are admitting they made a mistake. the argument is the mistake was unintentional. look, it's always hard to prove defamation case especially when you have a public figure. now, this guy on the witness stand, george zimmerman is the
1:45 pm
plaintiff in this defamation case. he has to prove actual malice, he is actually an involuntary public figure, right? >> absolutely. he has to prove actual malice which is different than ordinary intelligence. was there ordinary negligence. >> the point doug brings up is a good point but the statement itself. >> gregg: you have to get somebody at nbc we knew this was false and we decided to put it up there. interestingly there is a florida statute, retraction statute and basically says if you take it back right away and if you air the correction in a comparable broadcast, then all you get is a little actual damages and no punitive damages but nbc didn't do that. >> it's kind of amazing.
1:46 pm
we have that, prosecutor wants to clear up what he said. nbc is being stubborn but there is a little surprise, if i listen to the entire tape. there is another separate racial epithet. >> gregg: i'm not sure that is admissible. first of all the audio is unclear. >> i listened to it couple times. it's like song lyrics, when you know the lyrics you know the wordz. >> gregg: you know nbc did not apologize directly to zimmerman and then they make a correction that is on a piece of paper, not on the today show broadcast. they made the correction. i don't think zimmerman and i think there may be another angle for zimmerman. there is the courted of public opinion which has gone against him. he may be using this case to
1:47 pm
gain favor in public opinion. >> gregg: i don't know what the deal is. some journalists and media companies you make a mistake. you do it in the same big way. >> we agree on that. >> gregg: david, doug, good to see you both. >> heather: coming up, a setback for organized labor after michigan passes new right to work laws. unions are gearing up for massive protests. are they right to be upset? a fair and balanced debate up next. [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. more protests planned in michigan as unions grow more angry over new right to work bills. the legislation passing the house and drawing vows from the governor to sign them into law in just days. union leaders it would be major blow to organized labor. joining us, ben ferguson and alan colmes. thank you both for joining us today. we appreciate it. alan, i'm going to start with you.
1:52 pm
supporters say right to work law they help states attract businesses. opponents say right to work laws they lead to lower wages. what do you think? >> data show they lead to lower wages. governor snyder whom we had on radio show the other night. he out right lied and said this isn't part of my agenda and sneaking into the dead of night and republican house and senate with two separate bills because if they had the same bill they had to wait five days. they put it on the fast track, snuck this in and did it against the wishes and what they said to labor they would do. it's a very sneaky act on the part of the republicans. michigan is going to come back to hurt them because labor is going to organize. >> is that going to come back to by the them? >> i would say governor walker if he was able to conquer
1:53 pm
another election after a recall. i think he did. why is it so many people are afraid of the ability for a worker to decide if they wanted to join a union or not. this is not dismantling or banning unions. this is giving an individual the right to choose not to pay union dues and be in part of something they might not agree with. that is exactly what america wants. more importantly, you have a ton of businesses, more than 90 businesses have located in indiana because they like to go to places that are right to work states. that is the reason the legislature is doing this. they said we're not killing the union. if an individual doesn't like the union, they should not be forced to join something they don't like. >> let me correct you. those businesses threatened to go to indiana. they haven't gone yet. >> some of them did. >> this isn't about whether or not you have to join the union or not. >> sure it is.
1:54 pm
>> let me finance. the unions are not saying you have to join the union. whether or not non-union members the reason they have to pay in, reason they have to pay in is because unions then negotiate and get stuff that the non-union members benefit from. they get the benefit of what the unions did yet they don't have to pay in. that is really what the issue is here. >> to me its an issue of common sense. if this union is so great and they are going to give me incredible benefits and incredible wages, of course, i would want to pay into that. there are many people the unions in fact do not do that for them. they don't agree with the way the unions operate. how they spend their money. the money they actually are mandated to pay in, they go and support candidates and issues that these people don't like. an individual should have the right to be able no know where their money is what it is going
1:55 pm
for and not being mandated to pay union. >> you are not mandated to be in the union in order to keep your job. >> you are mandated to pay the dues. >> you don't lose your job if you are not in union, but again. >> you don't get a job. >> you are paying for something that actually you benefit from. labor is quite upset about this. furthermore, what the real issue and what has labor upset, they were outright lied to by the republicans, outride lied by the governor and he did it in sneaky fashion. excuse me, i didn't interrupt you, please let me finish. that is why snyder is so unpopular right now in michigan. thank you, i'm done. >> they pushed this forward and he will sign this legislation that obviously the people that elected their individuals wanted this legislation and if they
1:56 pm
didn't want it they probably wouldn't want so elected republicans to an overwhelming majority. >> heather: i have to leave it at that. you notice i didn't interrupt either one of you. you did a good job today. we appreciate the debate. >> gregg: from the gridiron to a jail cell, new information on the cowboys player that has been charged with manslaughter in a teammate's death. we'll have a live report coming up. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. men's 50+ [ female announcer ] is a complete multivitaminalth designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur
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>>gregg: hello, everyone, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >>heather: topping the news this hour, the day after in dallas. new fallout for the cowboys player involved in a deadly alleged drunk driving accident as reaction pours in from around the national football league. >>gregg: talks on avoiding the fiscal cliff taking on a new turn at president obama meets with the house of representatives speaker boehner at the white house. we have a live report. our political insiders are here, too. >>heather: a turn for the worse for the most bitter enemy, chavez, headed to cuba for medical treatment. we have the latest on his condition. >> a dallas cowboy player appearing in a court of laugh after a deadly crash killed his
2:01 pm
team may, josh brent could face up to 20 years behind bars. and now, live in allege in which in arlington, next. >> quiet this afternoon. the cowboys play add game this afternoon in ohio against cincinnati. just recently, they won that game. we will show you a powerful picture that came out of ohio today. jerry brown's jersey laid out on the bench there. a moment of silence, also. 24-year-old josh brent had a bond hearing in texas this morning. a judge set the bail at $500,000. the attorney is arguing that is too high. he is petitioning to have that bond reduced so it is unclear when he will get out of jail. the police say it was late friday night and early saturday
2:02 pm
morning when he left a club in dallas, was driving at a high rate of speed, hit a curb and flipped the car. it is believed he was drunk. his teammate was a passenger and died at an area hospital. now he is dealing with the loss not only of his roommate and teammate but one of his best friends. >> the focus from our standpoint on behalf of josh brent is jerry brown, his family, his loved ones, his friends, this is a tremendous loss to him. this is like losing a little brother. >> we should tell you he had priors. he was arrested for driving while intoxicated back in 2009 in illinois. he spent 30 days in jail. he was just released from probation we last year. >>gregg: what additional reaction are the cowboys
2:03 pm
receiving? >>reporter: obviously, a lot of people are talking. this is the second incident inside the nfl in the last week. reaction is coming in from all over the national football league not only players but, also, other athletes on different teams. a linebacker for the cowboys took to twitter and released this message. life is way too short. sad day. >> and another with jacksonville feeted terrible news from the dallas cowboys family today. thoughts and prayers to both families involved in this tragedy. we alluded to this but the two were friends for a long-term. they were roommates. police believe they were headed home. they lived in irving not far from where the accident occurred. they played ball together in 2007 to 2009 back in college in illinois. >>gregg: thank you, casey, from texas.
2:04 pm
>>heather: a suspect in custody after a deadly shooting on an indian reservation in central california. police arresting a 21-year-old wounding him after he tried to escape. he shot and killed three people and wounded another on the reservation. he reportedly shot and wounded his two daughters, ages five and eight, who were with him in the car. no word on a motive. >>gregg: a huge blow to al qaeda after the second in command is killed in a drone strike. pakistani intelligence officials say he was killed and it happened last year. he appeared in videos released by al qaeda's media and was presented as a religious scholar for the group. officials say he was promoted as second in command early this year. >>heather: a daring rescue of an american held hostage in afghanistan by the taliban.
2:05 pm
troops and afghan forces launched the critical mission at pre-dawn when intelligence shows the doctor was in grave danger and the doctor was captured by insurgents five days ago. he says he was unharmed and will be running home to colorado in a few days. coming up, an insiders look at what it takes to rescue a hostage alive. colonel oliver north joining. >>gregg: a california teen was in mexican prison for four long months. the 18-year-old and friends visited mexico and a stranger loaned them a car but the police say they stole the car. a lawyer manager to win hero lease and everyone is relieveed. >> it was my whole life.
2:06 pm
>> i knew i had my baby back. >>gregg: her four friends remain behind bars in mexico. >>heather: news on efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff with just over three weeks remaining until automatic tax hikes and spending cuts kick in unless a budget deal is reached, the white house saying that president obama met with republican house speaker boehner on ways to overcome their differences. steve is live for us in washington, with more on this. steve? >>reporter: the house speaker went for a white house for a one-on-one chat, the first time they have sat down without other leaders and it could represent an important step toward avoiding the fiscal cliff. the last time the 39 and the speaker met was with other members of congress november 15. they talked wednesday last week but that was a conversation by
2:07 pm
telephone. now they have sat down face to face. this top level meeting is important in any negotiating process in washington, dc. the fact they met on a sunday underscores the urgency. the white house confirmed the talks were held to discuss efforts to resolve the fiscal cliff and lines of communication remain open. the white house beating is the same day republicans appeared to be moving closer to the president's position on raising taxes for the wealthy. a senator appeared on fox news sunday along with a democrat schumer. >> the growing group of thugs are realizing they don't have a lot of cards related to tax issues. people are putting forth a theory and i think it has merit where you give the president the 2 percent increase he is talking about, the rate increase on the top 2 percent and suddenly the shift goes back to entitlements. >> if speaker boehner ends up
2:08 pm
where senator corker has just said he is, we will get a large
2:09 pm
2:10 pm
2:11 pm
2:12 pm
israel's red line is different than the united states, considering it to be the movement of chemical weapons to extremists and obama administration said their trigger for action would be any move by syria to use the weapons. >>gregg: how about this, could michelle obama have a future in our political insiders will weigh in on that. >>heather: and a guaranteed investment, but why are so many investors turning their back on gold at this time? gold at this time? that is ahead. only citi price d
2:13 pm
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>>heather: turning now to your money, gold. it has been seen as a safe investment in tough times with prices soaring but it could be losing some of its luster. we will bring in brenda who will never lose her luster, the senior business correspondent and anchor of bulls & bears.
2:17 pm
so, golds is losing its luster. >>guest: it has been losing the glitter but we have had a 12-year bull market in gold. for 12 years it has gone up annually from 8.8 percent in 2012. >>heather: that is low compared to what we have seen in the past. when the fed starting easing in december of 2008 until june of 2011 it was up 70 percent so that is a huge amount. now it is selling for $1,700 an ounce. you have seen people take their old gold and get cash for it because it is worth so much. right now we are seeing that some investment firms and some hedge funds are saying it and going to reach its height in 2013. >>heather: why? >>guest: it is a bet that we
2:18 pm
will see more growth. if we see growth, if we see inflation in any way, or if we see economic growth, usually gold which is seen as a heavy haven, would be abandoned for more ricky bets like stocks. but it is a big bet we will see a lost growth. we are seeing it in china. we are seeing it in india. in those countries people love gold. they are buying a a a lot of it. >>heather: for those who do not invest in gold what is the significance? a sign that some people believe the economy will be better? >>guest: yes. there is sense the economy is going to be better. a lost it is a hedge for currency. a hedge against inflation. some people just like the feel of gold. it is something you can hold in
2:19 pm
your hand. it is not like a piece of paper which is a stock. it has been increasingly popular as we have again through recessionary times recently. >>heather: would you advice people to invest in gold? >>guest: that is a hard question. i don't think it is going to have a significant bear run. i remember back in the 1990's you wondered if it would go town $400 and now it is $1,700. it could have a pull back but in the end people invest in gold because it is always going to be there. it depends on your timeframe and sense of volatility. but i like gold. >>heather: so if you are doing your christmas list... >>gregg: it would take more gold than i have to buy your christmas gift. you and william should get
2:20 pm
together. >>heather: sign me up. you can catch brenda and maybe new gold pieces at 10:00 a.m. on saturday here here. >>gregg: this is the last time, 40 years ago, a united states astronaut walked on the moon and neil cavuto anchored a fox news special on that subject. here is a bit of it. >> the crew of apollo 13, a nice evening. >> 56 hours into the flight they finished a broadcast showing how comfortably they lived and worked in space. >> we are closing out things and getting back to flying. >> nine minutes later, oxygen tank number two blew up. causing the number one tank to fail. houston, we have a problem.
2:21 pm
words that would be forever linked to the commander. >> when the explosion occurred i thought, why me? why me? why not wait until apollo 14? or why not apollo 12? i could not believe what was happening and i thought, well, it is me, it is now, so, what is next? >> people say it was a good thing it was jim. >> you can catch that entire documentary "fly me to the moon" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >>heather: the clock is tick down to the dooming fiscal cliff but if the united states goes over the cliff who gets the blame? our political insiders will talk about it. >>gregg: political crisis in europe spilling over into the united states. christians now seeking asylum and why they say they have no choice but to run.
2:22 pm
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>>heather: the bottom the hour and time for the to which the news. venezuela president chavez announcing his cancer has returned. he is leaving the country today for another operation in cuba and he is urging this country to consider a possible successor if his health declines. >> premiere monti said he plans to resign following the sudden loss and support from the party of berlusconi paving the way for early elections a year after he pulled the country back from the brink of disaster. >> a massive search-and-rescue effort in the philippines with 900 fishermen missing after a typhoon struck. >> new fallout to the growing political conflict in egypt.
2:27 pm
egyptians in egypt are flooding into the united states many live ing egypt because of the crisis and for their safety. and now, live in los angeles. dominic, what sort of scale is this wave of asylum seekers? >> napolitano at homeland security says we are seeing a doubling of seekers since the muslim brotherhood took power and 100,000 egyptians have turned up according to unofficial figures. it is mostly the coptic christians and we understand, as well, that new constitution does so little to protect minority rights including christians there and this is an attempt by the islamist to wipe out what remains, really, of the christian community in cairo.
2:28 pm
take a listen. >> christianity is in the middle coast where the cultures have become islamic, christianity only accounts for 3 percent of the middle east. how long will it continue? we dope know. it has to do with politics. >> it has to do with politics and where the government of morsi is going. we have seen the christian community decimated in iraq and next door in syria. there are problems with the christian community there, as well. >>heather: dominic, the coptic church in the united states is receiving the refugees. is there support from the u.s. government? >>reporter: obviously they are looking at a case-by-case issue but what really is the problem is the muted response coming from the obama administration when it comes to what is happening in egypt. they are worried because the obama administration is behind,
2:29 pm
and further extending the protection of minorities forward and they want to see washington, dc, really, putting more pressure on the morsi government. >> the rights of the christian minority does not look like they are being addressed the way we would like. the dialogue that the state department has entered in with the egyptian government since the revolution, that needs to continue. >>reporter: we have more details on the meetings and the christian community here in the united states. you can find more on with details and the fate of these christians looks grim and we expect more seeking asylum in the united states. health thank you, dominic, from los angeles.
2:30 pm
>>gregg: rebound and house of representatives speaker boehner meet at white house today to discuss the looming fiscal cliff, there is new insight about who american thing should receive the most blame if lawmakers fail to reach a deal. according to the new "washington post" poll, this is a "washington post" poll, a majority of americans say they would hold congressional republicans responsible while just 27 percent think the blame falls on president obama's shoulders. now, bringing in john leboutillier, former congressman from new york, and pat caddell, former pollster for jimmy carter, and doug schoen, a former pollster for bill clinton. gentleman, here is speaker boehner, at the white house, talking to the president today, two days after he said, well, it has been a wasted week. >> it has been a wasted week. the republicans are divided. as the poll numbers suggest very
2:31 pm
clearly, the republican brand is weak weakening. i believe they are trying to put together something to avoid going over the cliff. speaker boehner has asserted his control over a fractured caucus and bottom line, it remains to be seen whether they can get a deal but i read in the statement, which was identical from the white house and from speaker boehner, they are looking for something big, not small. >>gregg: big would be, the grand bargain that 16 months ago they were on the precipice of and suddenly it didn't happen, so... >> part of the reason it didn't happen speaker boehner was told by the majority leader, cantor, allied with the tea party faction in the house of representatives, you do this deal with obama, you are out as speaker. so, this time we have had the election, republicans are in total disarray, speaker boehner has stepped in, he has fired
2:32 pm
four members of the house committees, conservatives, tea party people. the tea party is in disarray since the election and cantor is not in the room. speaker,, i believe, is trying to do the grand bargain. >>gregg: where is mcconnell in this? >> republicans are not talking to each other. cantor does not talk to speaker boehner and no one talks to mcconnell and he did what we -- pursued the debt ceiling limit which is an achilles' heel for the president and could be something for the republicans to challenge the president on for overreaching. >>gregg: you are saying harry reid is right there is no quaterback? >> so harry reid gives him a bone and says hold puttine
2:33 pm
democrats on record they want to give this bump. these people are out-of-control. >>gregg: i watched the president's interview this week, i believe it was on tuesday, he said he is happy to look at ways to strengthen social security. he would be open to the idea of doing something about medicaid and medicare. this is the biggest driver, right? >> the president is indicating trial balloon, that he is willing to take on entitlements in some way. the real question to the republicans, then, and it could be signaled by speaker boehner going to the white house, will they cave operates for the wealthy and go up to 37 percent or 38 percent and allow the president to put entitlements on the board. >> anything less than 39 speaker boehner will call a victory. the republicans lost the election so they have to give in
2:34 pm
on taxes. >>gregg: 250,000 is not rich. up it to half a million. >> we still have coming in february or man unless they do a big deal, we have a new debt ceiling. >> in the middle of what pat described, the president disarray, they do not talk to each other, the biggest entity in the republican party is the tea party. the leaders of the tea party in the senate is in the middle of this thing, ups and resigns. goes over to the heritage foundation. he has four years on the term and everyone in washington in the senate must understand this as a business of cabbing in, whether it was lott, bayh or senator demint, everyone is there for cashing in. everyone in washington does. that is the dirty secret and no
2:35 pm
one will talk about it. >> he said the principles were paramount, more important than republican orthodoxcy and he is cut and run. greg high said he could pursue his principles better by advocating on behalf of the heritage foundation and giving money to organizations to push our cause. >> it is another sign of the disarray on the right. since the election, this has totally spun out-of-control. >> you are the outsider, railing at the gates and you go to the insider heritage foundation for $1.5 million. god bless his soul. >>gregg: the grand barring on would raise the eligibility for medicare and, also, increase medicare premiums to the rich, upper income earners. is that workable?
2:36 pm
>> it is workable. the means testing i, c.p.i. gets lost in the equation and raising the age is --. >>gregg: the president is doing which? >> i don't know but if he get as big deal that stabilizes the economy --. >>gregg: you say no? >> i don't think the democrats will go with raising the age. >> as part of an overall deal? >> in 2011 cow have gotten the deal. >> but it is not to be raised for years from now. >> but what about arresting the spending? the question is, what will come out of the deal if it is a grand bargain on the debt limit? >> if republicans got the these things you listed, the means testing, the change in inflation, and the retirement age over time and they did raise tax rates hike we talked, that is the grand bargain could be
2:37 pm
worth $4 trillion over ten years that is a huge victory for the president and for speaker boehner if they do it. >>gregg: we have lots more to talk about including shattering the old male club at the white house. is the country ready for hillary clinton to be the first female president? our political insiders are back. what about michelle obama? why is it that the most impressive technology
2:38 pm
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>>heather: time for a quick check of the headlines. in washington state, making the most of a new law legalizing marijuana. a bar and grill encouraging customers to light up in a private area of the bar. in dallas, hitting the road for a good cause, 25,000 runners in a marathon to raise money for the scottish rite hospital for children. to new york city celebrating
2:42 pm
hanukah lighting a menorah in central park celebrating the rededication of the holy temple in jerusalem. >>gregg: could 2016 see a female president in the white house? here is former speaker boehner gingrich -- former speaker of the house gingrich on hillary clinton. >> she is formidable and is competent and married to the most popular democrat in the country. they both think it would be good for her to be president. that makes it virtually impossible to stop her for the nomination. but i thought she would be nominated in 2008. >>gregg: a majority of members agree with him, 57 percent saying they would support a clinton candidacy in 2016. and now, john leboutillier and pat caddell and doug schoen. is he right?
2:43 pm
>> absolutely. secretary clinton will be the consensus democratic nominee, she will raise over $1 billion without a problem. there will be the sympathy factor from 2008. the obamas will support hillary clinton. she is a preeminent and commanding position. >> first, i agree on the political analysis that not since generalize hour in 1948 and 1952 both parties wanted him to run if their party has someone been so well positioned so many years ahead of the race. but the other side of the argument, this woman should not be president of the united states. she has lived off the back, she was married to bill clinton, a super politician. hold on. she out of sympathy gets a u.s. senate seat from new york, is in the senate for eight years, the biggest thing she does is vote
2:44 pm
for the war in iraq, which cost her her front run are status in the nomination in 2008 and she has done nothing as secretary of state, really, but one thing, she travels a lot. denied extra security in libya when they asked for him and dodged that bullet. >> what do you think of hillary clinton? gingrich intimated she would beat republicans. >> the republicans at this point could not elect anybody for anything. we are a long way away. we have three years, the country can change a great deal. my thing is, look at first ladies, suddenly first ladies, it used to be vice president, or senate majority leaders now it is we a new steppingstone. the new steppingstone. can you remember, lady bird johnson, barbara bush, no one talked about them or pat nixon. >> lady bird, she beautified texas highways and others.
2:45 pm
>> if 23 years we have come a long way when mrs. carter, the first forecast mornings lady to attend a cabinet meeting and that was huge news. now, we have two first ladies out of the last three, hillary clinton, became a senator and secretary of state and now michelle obama, and put that up on the screen. >>gregg: it is very interesting poll she would defeat mark kirk in illinois if she ran for senate. >> we could have that. michelle obama has been behind the scenes and in front of the curtain, assertive in making her views known and if she runs i suspect she would be elected in illinois and slow would be a frontrunner for the nomination in 2020, i guess, and we could be in a situation where we have two first ladies --. >>gregg: she would not be be a
2:46 pm
carpet we bagger. pat is getting irritated. >> what is happening? celebrities. we tradeoff up and down the line. we have dynasties here. >>gregg: the value of name identification. >> michelle has ruled outrunning for office and i take her at her word. >> when you lead in the polls and you can be elected president you don't rule anything out. hillary clinton has said she is not running. >> hillary clinton has said she is not running. when the mike is put in front of them, the red lights, things change quickly. >>gregg: gentleman, i have to call it quits for our political insiders. thank you so much, gentleman. more of our political insiders
2:47 pm
each monday at 10:30 a.m., eastern. they will be back here, of course, next sunday, same time, same channel. >>heather: coming up, an american doctor abducted by the taliban is saved in a daring rescue by united states forces. the doctor endure add grueling ordeal for five days. coming up, colonel oliver north how the mission went down. is what drives us to broadcast the world's biggest events in 3d, or live to your seat high above the atlantic ocean. it's what drives us to create eco-friendly race tracks, batteries that power tomorrow's cars, nearlyndestructible laptops, and the sustainable smart towns of the future. at panasonic, we're driven to make what matters most better.
2:48 pm
just another way we're engineering a better world for you.
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2:51 pm
>>gregg: we are lending more of the dramatic rescue of an american hostage held by the taliban in afghanistan. united states and afghan forces saving an american doctor captured by terrorists. >>heather: the operation not without risk. we are just learning that a service member was killed in the incident. and now a man who spent considerable time with our brave troops in afghanistan, military analyst retired lt. colonel oliver north. >>guest: last time we did this i was in afghanistan, so it is good to be here.
2:52 pm
this is good news that we can conduct these kind of operations with the afghan troops. the sad news, an american got killed. second, afghanistan is still a really dangerous place for civilians, particularly like dr. joseph running a nongovernment organization in hospital and medical clinic and a very dangerous place. that is the bad news. the good news, ultimately, you have afghan troop whose have been partnered with americans, now, for almost a year, over ten months, since i was there in the spring, and i watched them conduct these kind of training operations, working together side-by-side, and you may remember when i was out there, we talked about green-on-blue attacks and it did not change a thing as far as these special operations. the interesting thing is going to be, what happens after the no combat withdrawal at the end of this year and the "pull out"
2:53 pm
during 2014. will they be able to conduct these kind of operations on their own? right now, they do not have the air access, the helicopters, or the unmanned vehicles. that will have to be supported by contractors just like the ones in this book. >>gregg: this book, you have written 12 books and this is the fourth novel a sequel to the last one. it is called we we "heroes provides." can't read without my glasses. >>guest: this is from a verse of a famous song and if someone goes to and knows what it is, i will give them a signed company in time for christmas and hang cause. this book is about what happens if this sequester goes through and if you don't have enough american troops to do the kind
2:54 pm
of missions that we now partnering with the afghans g that doesn't happen you will have to rely on contractors to do it. right now, you have almost as many contractors, americans, on the ground as you do the military people. the united states forces if they pull back, when we did our last one, i was there in 2009 and we went in, and the american troops the day after western on the air, a few weeks ago, they pulled back and handed it it all over to the afghans and now operating from a nearby base, special operations troops, like the one killed today and the afghans teamed together in partnerships to do this work. >>heather: how do the troops in afghanistan feel? what do they talk to you about in terms of withdrawal? >>guest: here is how they put
2:55 pm
it. this is a young main or young soldier, or sailor or airmen, special operator. i don't want my war colonel to end the way your war did, what they are talking about is vietnam. this war isn't going to be lost on the battlefield. it will be lost in washington, dc and kabul. they have to have some kind of status of forces agreement and acceptance by the american people that says we need a long-term commitment in part of the world where we desperately need friends because of what is going on in the west in iran and to the east in pakistan. >>gregg: the days click away to the end of the fiscal cliff some are saying that is overwrought and it is not a cliff, just a gentle slope. talk to us about what you think that would do to military. >>guest: everyone talks in dollars. trillions. it means you will go permanently
2:56 pm
to less than 11 carrier battle groups the ability to project power. there will not be a marine unit deployed in the mediterranean and there wasn't when benghazi happened. a problem is you don't have enough troops. you will cut back to less than a million american soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines on active duty and 1.1 million in the guard and reserve which is overcommitted. enormous cuts coming. >>gregg: the name of the book is "heroes prove" by oliver north a sequel to his last novel. such a great pleasure to always see you and speak with you. >>gregg: that does it for us. and fox news sunday with chris wallace is coming up next. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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